Kiss the pig pic 1-19-13
The Harrison Central Roundballers Parents Club will be sponsoring this year’s annual Kiss the Pig fundraiser. Last year, Head Football Justin Kropka (shown above) garnered the most tallies in the penny-a-vote contest and had to pucker up at the home basketball game against Edison. This year’s contestants at press time are: HC Head Basketball Coach Justin Clifford, Principal Mark Kowalski, HC Sports Foundation member Phil Madzia, the voice of the Huskies- Tom Kenny, Reserve Boys Basketball Coach Ben Hodkinson, Harrison Hills Teacher and OUE Basketball Coach Donnie Madzia, with more to come.

Voting containers will be available at each of the schools beginning on Tuesday, January 22 and also at all home Varsity Boys Basketball Games, and will run until Senior night at the high school on Friday, February 1. The winner will kiss the pig at the Huskies boys’ basketball game at Edison on Tuesday, February 5 with all proceeds benefiting the HC Roundballers 7-12 Parents Club.

For more information, please contact Katina Watt at 740-946-8020.

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