Harrison News-Herald Sports Writer

CADIZ – Though school was just recently dismissed, the days are short for when the football players will have to report. All of the usual preparations for preseason conditioning, practice schedules, and other training accommodations for 2022’s season are in the works. Head Harrison Central football coach Anthony Hays has indicated that the date of the mandatory player reporting will be on Aug. 1 (just 43 days from the publication date)

“I’m looking forward to this upcoming season,” said Hayes. “With all of the injuries and setbacks that we had last season, it has left a bad taste for me and the coaching staff. I’m sure that all of us will be happy to experience the fresh start that this season will bring. On the positive side, we have taken the stand that with the new year, a lot has changed. With that in mind, we intend on using our official season opening date of Aug. 1 to set the stage for what will be our best effort in providing a good football season. We hope that all of our fans intend on showing up and supporting us, just as they have done in the past,” he added. 

Husky fans can be proud of the setting where the young athletes can play football. Just as in baseball, softball, basketball, track, wrestling, and soccer, the school board has had the foresight to realize that much of Ohio is looking at Harrison County. The school and its facilities are seemingly talked about everywhere, and the use of the complexes by outside groups is sought regularly. On top of that, the model used to construct the school is now used as a stepping stone for the other new facilities. From the first day since the new school’s approval, all of the necessities to provide beautiful sports complexes were considered. Now, the need for a new press box, concessions area, and restrooms at the stadium are being satisfied too.