Harrison News-Herald Staff Writer

The Harrison County Fair will be held June 20–25, and the fair board met on Monday evening to get more of the details sorted out.

The meeting began with the board discussing finances; expenses were all in order. The board was also pleased to count up the sponsors. So far, they have raised almost $7,000.

The board discussed other details, including finding people to work the gates and parking; there seems to be a shortage of volunteers to handle those posts. Although the attendants get paid, nobody is interested — especially when it comes to parkers. For now, the board has decided they will focus on getting the gates covered and possibly just using signs for fairgoers to handle their own parking.

Next, the fair board went over concessions, activities, and events. Everything on that end appeared to be going smoothly. They expect several activities to be set up by Movin and Groovin Productions. The business is expected to bring a rock wall, bull riding, a train, and nacho concessions.

However, the biggest thing on the board’s mind was concern over avian flu. Veterinarian Dr. Matt Friend was at the meeting to discuss those concerns.

Friend said that the risks of spreading avian flu are nothing to panic over but should be taken into consideration. He is expecting a decrease in cases by the time the fair rolls around. Friend called the situation a “bio-security teaching lesson” that could be good for the kids in 4-H. He expects that these kids, for their future careers, will need to learn all about what goes into commercial production, and the avian flu presents an opportunity to learn about the measures taken to prevent the spread of diseases.

At the moment, bird exhibitions are still planned for the 2022 fair. And until the state says otherwise, the fair board is preparing as if the show will go on.