Harrison News-Herald Reporter

Cadiz council met last Thursday, and during the session, village administrator Brandon Ludwig opened the meeting to deliver the administrator’s report. Ludwig was recently able to network with other administrators from areas around Columbus. 

Ludwig learned that other towns and villages are “in the same boat” regarding water and sewer costs. “They pay over a $100,000 a year to man their sewer department for 20 hours per week.” Harrison County might be luckier in that respect, with a full-time employee at a less exorbitant cost. Ludwig acknowledged the rising costs bring complaints to the water department, and with that, he named water clerk Alysia Capers for the employee spotlight. Capers often hears the problems faced by citizens, and Ludwig said, “She’s been doing a great job; I just want to thank her for her work.”

Ludwig also updated the council on where the demolition project stands. The county requested approval from the state of Ohio on about 15 sites but has yet to receive a response. However, Ludwig felt confident that they will get the necessary approvals.

The village is working with E.L. Robinson and Rural Development to find funding for the north trunkline project. The administrator believed it was going well so far and would come to fruition soon. 

A final note regarding the administrator’s report is news on the Sally Buffalo stage. Construction is expected to begin near the end of April.

Continuing on the agenda was a motion to approve full-time employment for police officers Tim Skinner and Courtney Smuck. They served six months on a probationary period, and the council unanimously approved their move to permanent full-time employees. The police department has also been approved through an ordinance to purchase three vehicles (not to exceed $43,800).

Council member Derek Sefsik brought to the council’s attention the desire of Sally Buffalo campers to have something fun for kids this summer. Right now, they can’t have water slides, and the beach is closed. Campers requested one day per month to have water slides at their campsites. The water and sewer department might need to be consulted, so a motion was approved to allow the administrator to handle it. 

Also, under youth and recreation, a motion was approved to allow the Harrison County General Health District to use the park for a 5K on May 14 (8 a.m. to noon).

In addition, for anyone that has not received a letter, Volunteer Energy has filed for bankruptcy. The program with Volunteer will now be sent back to AEP, and residents will now pay AEP’s rates. A new program has been proposed and will be discussed at the next council meeting.

The ordinances to rezone areas for the “Meagan’s Point” project have again been tabled. There will be a public hearing for people to come to speak. The first planned hearing was canceled and is now scheduled for May 5.