Cadiz council met for their second monthly session last Thursday, and during that second February meetup, the council went through a typical due diligence of upcoming ordinances and their readings, like for the third reading of Ordinance 2022-01. That first ordinance of the year reached its final reading and focused on a “sewer project” at the Harrison County Fairgrounds.

The second reading of Ordinance 2022-02 was also performed; it would see the consolidation of the village’s street and Sally Buffalo park departments if passed. The move had been pitched by village administrator Brandon Ludwig in recent months and could become a reality when its third and final reading occurs during March’s first Cadiz council meeting.

The third ordinance, Ordinance 2022-03, was declared as an emergency so that all three readings could be performed in one fell swoop and enacted immediately. The ordinance dedicates and renames “the wastewater treatment building the ‘Thomas H. Carter’ water treatment plant” in honor of longtime water superintendent Tom Carter who gave several decades of service to Cadiz and other surrounding villages. As is the protocol for emergency ordinances, the rules were suspended, all readings were recited, and then the motion passed. 

The fourth ordinance of the evening was also read as an emergency and had connections with the Cadiz Community Improvement Corporation. Ordinance 2022-04 authorized “the Cadiz CIC as the village agent for the sale of real estate and authorizing and directing the village administrator to execute an agreement with the Cadiz CIC regarding the same for the purpose of selling real estate to the Ohio Midwest Realty Company, LLC.”

Cadiz’s next council meeting is scheduled for March 3 at 7 p.m.