It’s all in the name: EZ Does It. It’s a local veteran-owned business that was founded in 2020. Yes, COVID was a factor in its founding, but it’s been something that owner and founder Eric Zeigler has “wanted to do for the better part of a decade.” 

According to Zeigler, EZ Does It is best described as a “maintenance solution business that specializes in handyperson projects.” And while his handyman operation typically deals on a smaller scale, he does both commercial and residential work. He doesn’t hire crews of construction workers or subcontractors — it’s mostly a one-man band. And that matters because Zeigler is experienced enough to complete any number of different projects on his own. “I’m well-versed in a lot of different things that are construction-related and repair-related.”

COVID was the stepping stone for EZ Does It; it left Zeigler unemployed and looking for work, so EZ Does It came out of necessity. The know-how was already there, though. He couldn’t reach through to Ohio in 2020 after getting laid off and couldn’t receive unemployment. So he felt like it was the best time to kickstart the business despite the challenge of turning a pandemic profit. But he found a flexible system that allowed him to get the work done quickly and stay vigilant to COVID: “A come-to-you business seems to really resonate with people that’s trying to social distance, as well. It’s worked out fairly well. It’s filled the void. Things are picking back up, and [I’ve] done a lot of projects and been able to keep the lights on and food on the table.”

“EZ” comes from Eric Zeigler’s initials, but the play on words also encapsulates what he wants the business to be: convenient — for everyone. And while the convenience is a huge advantage, keep this in mind: The handyman venture is more than just doing odd jobs; it’s a reflection of Zeigler’s life and a culmination of the knowledge he’s gathered.

For starters, he mentioned that his upbringing — what he calls a “blessed upbringing” — has helped contribute tremendously to the knowledge that he can and does showcase through EZ Does It. Growing up, Zeigler gained valuable hands-on experience with commercial and residential construction by helping his father, a master carpenter. And he continued that if he wasn’t working construction, he was probably “turning wrenches on a vehicle” with his grandfather, a master mechanic. 

That upbringing paid dividends long before EZ Does It, and it also helped Zeigler while serving in the Marines. He worked in telecommunications as a field radio operator with a battalion landing team. While honorable service to one’s country isn’t built into the EZ Does It name, it is very much built into the brand. And he’s proud to use his business as a way to pay it forward. Any veteran who identifies themselves is eligible for a discounted rate — and even police officers and firefighters are included. “I always give the best rates, period, but I’ll go out of my way to do a discount for a veteran.” 

Zeigler won’t blindly accept every job thrown his way. It has to be an ideal marriage of schedule flexibility and skill versatility to maximize convenience. For example, he realizes that weeks-long projects will likely not be a good fit for EZ Does It. Ideally, his projects are measured in days. However, he made a note of his willingness to work with any potential customers: “I will entertain any phone call.” And as mentioned, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Zeigler will accept every job that comes his way, but he’s also not going to run the risk of missing out on filling the schedule. 

Moreover, Zeigler already has a collection of equipment that plays off his proficiencies. He has already amassed various tools and machinery that broaden the horizons of jobs he can accept — which is convenient for any handyman. And he already has the momentum, which allows him to optimize his schedule, live in the rural community he wants to live in, and support his family. “The great part about Ohio is that subcontractors and handymen do have the right to be able to go in business for themselves and capitalize on their skills to be able to provide for their families, and that’s huge.” 

Out on Lamborne Road, Zeigler has set up his base of operations for EZ Does it, but more importantly, it’s his home, and it’s where the Zeiglers live, so family is just as much a driving force for EZ Does It as anything. The business is run by a handyman, a military man, and a family man, all bringing different aspects to the table — and those three roles are all one person. That’s Eric Zeigler, and that’s EZ Does It.