HARRISON COUNTY—Another week passed, and it was another week of more COVID cases than the last. Harrison County health administrator Garen Rhome reported that 27 new cases have been detected in the county since last week, topping the 26 reported last week. It’s the fourth consecutive week cases have topped the week before it.

Total cases for the county now stand at 1,252, with over 30 active cases. However, no additional delta variant cases have been reported since the singular case two weeks ago. 

Ohio reported over 4,600 new cases, and Governor Mike DeWine (along with health officials) has continually emphasized indoor mask-wearing and vaccinations. 

“The name of the game today is vaccines. This is where we win. This is where we don’t win,” DeWine said at his first COVID-19 briefing in six weeks. “We have two Ohios: We have people who are vaccinated who are very, very safe today. We have people who are unvaccinated who are not safe and are more in peril because of this delta variant,” as quoted in a Cincinnati Enquirer story (Aug. 6, Jackie Borchardt). 

In the same article, it was noted that officials believe that 98% of COVID-infected people are unvaccinated. And according to the CDC, more than 38.1 million people have been infected, with over 629,000 deaths — a 1.6% death ratio. Last year, CDC’s 10-site study said that total cases were “probably” 20 times higher, which cuts the death ratio well below seasonal flu rates of 0.1%, stated by Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Other statistics provided by the CDC state that more than 202.5 (61 %) million Americans have received at least one shot of the vaccine, and another 171 (51%) million received both shots. 

Rhome said he continues to see an uptick of infections in teens and people in their 20s.