CADIZ—Members of the Cadiz Business Association met Wednesday for a regular session and brought up the Main Square gazebo project as a main talking point. The lot has already been marked with the recognizable thermometer progress sign, but the old bank building adjacent to the lot has hung uncertainty over the gazebo’s projected completion on the corner. While it was several years ago, the building sustained damage from a fire, and its status has remained essentially the same since then, raising questions about whether it should’ve been demolished or repaired.

Either way, the old bank’s dereliction has blockaded the CBA and the gazebo’s construction. With limited options, the course of action discussed in Wednesday’s meeting was relocating the site. Nothing was formalized or thrown out for potential locations, but the CBA members agreed that they should and will channel future efforts into the gazebo’s construction on a new plot. But hard locations — or even suggestions — were not discussed. 

While it’s undecided on the progress sign being taken down or left up, the money fed into the project so far remains the same and will stay dedicated toward the gazebo. The sign hadn’t been updated since it initially broke ground, but more funds have trickled in and had not yet been reflected on the thermometer. Some progress on project finances has quietly been made, but relocation has forced the Association back to square one in some regards. However, the CBA assured that the gazebo is still in the works and will move forward.