CADIZ—Mayor John Migliore introduced news at last Thursday’s meeting that the village had received a cease and desist letter from the Environmental Protection Agency regarding people dumping garbage at Sally Buffalo Park. It’s not just for leaving grass clippings or weeds but solid waste materials at the park site. However, some individual took issue with the practice and notified the EPA, leading to an inspection of the dumping site. Migliore stated the village has 14 days to respond on how to comply with the EPA’s request. When asked what the exact issue was, he replied, “everything.”

As listed in the notice of violation, the exact reason for the inspection was for “complaints that open dumping of solid waste and illegal disposal of construction and demolition debris (C&DD) was occurring.” The letter was signed by Daniel Bergert, R.S., environmental specialist for the division of materials and waste management. He stated “construction and demolition debris” had been mixed with woody debris, including lumber, carpet, metal, and concrete on top of the solid waste he observed. According to Bergert’s letter, other debris found at the site included bagged and unbagged yard waste, tires, paint cans, motor oil containers, plastics, furniture, electronics, and mattresses.

“Okay, I just want to make you aware that that’s going to be an issue,” Migliore told the council. He suggested a further discussion and to see what recommendations would come out of that. He added the village had taken a dumpster to the spot and cleaned it up, but it wasn’t enough to have deterred the individual from sending the letter. However, park manager Scott Porter said they are not dumping anything there currently.

“I’m hoping we can work something out, but it’s a possibility that that’s a service we may have to lose for the community, and I don’t know what’s going to happen then. They’ll probably be illegal dumping everywhere,” Migliore explained.