CADIZ – The Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce hosted their Coffee Connection Thursday morning for the first time in a year. The event was held inside the WVU Medicine cafeteria and the various guests who appeared threw out some juicy tidbits.

For one, Ken Mason, who is on the board of the Jobs Ohio spoke about three possibilities for new business in Cadiz but he stressed that they were still in the due-diligence stage and nothing had been signed on as being official for now.

The big one that had not been previously mentioned was that a bank could be coming to the property just off the square in Cadiz. Mason said some of the lots below the Presbyterian Church are being looked at for the potential $2 million project that would employee around five to six people.

When asked about the old bank building being occupied by the new bank, he said that idea was rejected by the unnamed bank, even though he agreed that the cost for a new roof and to shore up the outer wall that faces the green space would be cheaper to do for them. But, he said the Cadiz Community Improvement Corporation does have a plan in place for the old bank building but they would prefer vendors who would agree to occupy the building before doing the work.

Another purchase agreement being worked on is something for property at Industrial Park Road, which involves five acres but Mason did not go into much detail on this one. A third possible business is one that has already been announced by Cadiz’s village council concerning the property along Lincoln Ave., in front of the Tractor Supply.

It was previously reported that a Dollar Tree was coming, but Mason stated that even that one has not been made official as well. But due diligence is currently being done for all three prospective properties and it does look promising that they will be developed into something.

Cadiz WVU Medicine’s CEO, Dave Phillips opened the proceedings and basically covered the same information he spoke of during the ribbon cutting. He called the year a challenging year putting everyone in uncharted waters.

“I think it’s finding a way to live with the virus and still be able to do the things that we need to do as a society and as an organization,” Phillips explained.

Director of Marketing and Communications for the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District, Adria Bergeron was also on hand to provide some updates. She reminded the crowd of the new vendor (Dennison Yard) for Tappan Marina. She also said, even though the newly renovated marina restaurant was scheduled to open sometime in June, she was skeptical of that. But she did rave about the indoor-outdoor seating that the new restaurant will provide, which she said could total 100 for outdoors.

Also, a new welcome center for Tappan Marina was scheduled to begin construction in the fall and they were excited about that.

Janet Fenstamaker, of the Harrison County Visitor’s Center supplied everyone with the upcoming events for the surrounding area, which included a June 4 & 5 community yard sale. Also on June 5 was another Junk In The Trunk to be held at Sally Buffalo Park. Also coming is the Cruisin on The Square on June 19 and the Harrison County Fair will resume in full beginning on June 21 through June 26.