HARRISON COUNTY – A two-vehicle head on collision that occurred around 3:30 p.m. Friday, locked up U.S. 22 just outside of Cadiz for more than an hour. Miraculously and considering the severe damage to both vehicles, no one was seriously injured, according to rescue personnel on the scene.

First responders from Hopedale, Cadiz and Tappan were on scene, as well as several troopers from the Ohio Highway State Patrol.

A truck driver who witnessed the accident stated that the female driver of a black Volkswagen Passat was traveling westbound while passing several other vehicles. While traveling in the eastbound lane trying to pass a box truck, she faced a white Tacoma 4×4 coming at her heading west but couldn’t pull over in time.

The damage caused three tires involving both vehicles to be either hanging off, or ripped off their axles. The front bumper of the Tacoma and the back one off the Volkswagen were completely ripped off and both vehicles suffered severe damage to the front and side.

Astonishingly, no one was seriously injured, including a black dog that was in the Volkswagen. Two individuals from the Tacoma and the female in the Volkswagen were taken to Trinity Hospital.

The two vehicles came to rest more than 100 feet apart with glass and debris scattered along the distance between the two vehicles.