HARRISON COUNTY – President Joe Biden’s inauguration took place without a hitch Wednesday but that’s because the storm broke two weeks prior when the Capitol building was broken into with many calling it a coup attempt.

U.S. Congressman Bill Johnson-R, released two statements last week dealing with the idea of invoking the 25th Amendment to remove then President Donald Trump from office, and his explanation for voting to halt the election results. On his objection to certifying the Electoral College vote in Pennsylvania and “possibly” other states, he said they “potentially violated the U.S. Constitution; disregarded their own state election laws; and/or failed to count all legal ballots.”

“The Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media hide behind bullying, spin, and carefully crafted talking points to distract from this fact,” Johnson said in his statement. He also accused mainstream media of acting as a “public relations department of the Democratic Party.” But he made no mention of Fox News who have tirelessly spewed baseless voter fraud allegations after Trump’s attorney’s lost more than 60 lawsuits in attempts to overturn the election results in numerous states.

“While some courts have reviewed these allegations, many dismissed them on a partisan basis. The most egregious of these was in Pennsylvania,” Johnson explained. He noted this came with the help of the “liberal democratic” governor, state attorney general and state supreme court members. He also did not mention the Republican officials in Georgia, namely the secretary of state who stated there was no massive fraud to overturn Georgia’s results.

Johnson said he didn’t expect his and other’s efforts to actually reverse the election results but acted in a way he felt was his duty.

“But I was elected to do the right thing for our Constitution and for our nation. Simply rubber stamping these slipshod and partisan-laced electoral outcomes is wrong,” he continued.

Harrison County Democratic Chairman Rich Milleson gave a response when contacted this week and did not hold back.

“I have the highest respect for the 6th Congressional district office and
respect for the occupant Mr. Johnson,” Milleson began. “I do, however, disagree with Mr. Johnson’s recent statement that
Democrats are “grandstanding” over the recent impeachment charge
passed by the US House of Representatives.” Milleson noted the thousands of Trump followers after he gave the rally speech encouraging the crowd to march to the Capitol and encouraged strength and not weakness.

“[I] heard him repeat all of the same baseless lies regarding election fraud. He said that they had to act in order to “stop the steal.”
“The right place for us to settle election disputes or appeals, as stated
by our US Constitution, is in the courts. Of course all of the claims
that Mr. Trump’s group of attorneys made were rejected over 60 times
in courts presided over by Republican judges and Democratic judges
alike,” Milleson said. He went on to say that Trump does have the chance to defend himself during the senate hearings. If they feel he is not responsible for the attack on the Capitol then they will acquit him.
“It will be interesting to see how the members of Mr.
Johnson’s party vote in the Senate, now that they are less concerned
about Mr. Trump’s attacks on their loyalty,” Milleson stated. Regarding the grandstanding remark by Johnson, Milleson offered a scenario for 2024 and what if the situation were reversed and a Democratic president lost but accused the election of being a fraud, whereby an angry mob stormed the Capitol much as it actually happened.
“What action would Mr. Johnson take? Would he consider himself to be
grandstanding if he held the Democratic Presidential candidate
responsible for inciting those criminals?”

Johnson acknowledged America as a deeply divided nation and called the riots “horrific and heartbreaking” and wants each individual who took part in the siege to be punished to the fullest. He said he would vote “no” to the 25th Amendment issue and urged all lawmakers to partake in a smooth transition of power as invoking it would do nothing good for the country. But he also accused both the House and Senate of “political showboating” and urged them to stop.

Milleson continued his response referring to a recent Johnson radio ad where he urged the country to unite.

“In the next breath he says our new, duly elected President is not
to be trusted. A remarkably hypocritical and divisive ad. It’s a
shame, even in the face of recent events, that our representative is
choosing to follow the outgoing President instead of capturing a chance
to lead us into a more unified future,” Millson said bluntly. Mr. Johnson thinks it’s “grandstanding” to hold all involved accountable. We should expect more from our elected officials.”