CADIZ – Mayor John Migliore appeared at the Cadiz Business Association’s meeting last week held in the side room of the Ranch To Table restaurant. Migliore had a litany of issues to cover with some having been discussed at the last several Cadiz council meetings.

The laying down of new lines by Columbia Gas was one of those issues the village has been looking forward to.

“I think it’s going to start as early spring as possible,” Migliore told the group. “And there’s a lot of streets that are going to be affected…in our community.” More than a dozen streets will be affected including Main Street, Market Street across to Grant Street, Court and Buffalo Streets to name a few.

Migliore said the first street would probably be Ohio 9 from McDonald’s through St. Clair Ave. and Columbia Gas wished to have that completed before ODOT conducts a planned paving of that street later in the summer. A virtual meeting is scheduled for Feb. 2 at 6 p.m. ( After linking to the site anyone interested will have to download the Cisco Webex Meetings app and follow instructions. To call-in: 866-692-3580 and the call-in access code is: 711 544 843. For any questions please call: 614-309-7576.

Regarding transportation Migliore said, though, there will be flaggers stationed at key points, they are not going to shut the roads down entirely so the public would be able to pass through.

Migliore also touched on the old Family Dollar, which closed its doors nearly two years ago. He cleared up an error printed in this paper stating the Family Dollar is not currently owned by the Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) (errantly published that it did). He said the CIC is working on buying the property but it’s still under a lease and until that lease has run out the owner cannot sell the property.

“Until that lease is up nothing will be done about that,” Migliore explained. He said the CIC also paid for the chip and seal work done at Sally Buffalo Park roads at the end of last summer. Also, some of the vacant lots in Cadiz after dilapidated homes were razed, have seen inquiries by people who would like to come in and build new homes, according to Migliore.

Migliore also provided some information on a possible new business coming to Cadiz. The old ODOT garage on Ohio 9 is a possible target for an unidentified “national chain.” He said a contract has been signed by a company from Cincinnati for a study to be conducted. Migliore also could not identify the type of business looking at the property.

“So that’s something that you know, we’re all looking forward to that hopefully, that that will happen but they have signed a purchase agreement…” Migliore stated. And on Industrial Park Road he said National Limestone “has also signed a contract to put a facility in out there.” Migliore said both contracts are a six-month duration and sounded promising.

Migliore then turned to the growing irritant that is the old post office. Several officials have reported receiving complaints from residents and Migliore acknowledged that post office officials have been “disagreeable” in the past to settle the issue. He did add that he has made some contact with those officials and felt positive that the matter would be resolved.

“I think that we’re going to be able to get something accomplished out there and I won’t say in the very near future…” he said but added that a tour of the building was expected this week to find out exactly what the problems are that the post office officials are facing. Migliore said some possibilities were to refurbish the building and use it for other purposes.

“We know it’s an eyesore and we certainly want to see something happen there,” he said.

Migliore also touched on the new stage that is proposed for Sally Buffalo Park, which details of the story along with a grant via House Bill 310 will contribute $140,000. Another $50,000 from the Harrison County Visitor’s Bureau will add to the cost as well. Fundraising will be needed to round out the cost as Mark Puskarich, co-founder of Blues For a Cure, said the total cost would be around $350,000.