JEWETT – There is plenty to see this Halloween month as the Jewett Wildcat Center Community Center is hosting a haunted house with the majority of the large building being used. Many people came together to make it happen with all the proceeds going to benefit the Wildcat Center. And that includes the Corn Maze, which is located at 89170 Hauber Road, Jewett.

The first night to open is Friday, Oct. 2 as the haunted house will be every Friday and Saturday until the end of October, which coincides with the end of Halloween. The Corn Maze will be available each Friday through Sunday and will also run through the end of October.

Some of the people involved forming the non-profit organization to benefit the Wildcat Center are Tammy and Danny Dray, Trisha and Eric May as well as Cris and Kaci Edwards.

There is plenty to see and be scared about as Trisha May said the whole building has been put to use with things jumping out at anyone who dares to enter. Trisha said 40 actors are involved in the different stages of the haunted house and added that the building really is haunted, which has been the rumor for years now. She said two paranormal teams have already conducted investigations with one coming in just last week.

All COVID safety precautions are being used and masks are required. The cost for the haunted house tour is $10 per person and the Corn Maze will cost $8 for adults and $5 for anyone 12 and under.