ADENA—The Adena Lions Club is working towards its annual show entitled “Working Lion to 5” to be held Friday, March 29 and Saturday, March 30 at 7:30 p.m. at Buckeye West Elementary in Adena, Ohio. The songs and skits will revolve around jobs and occupations. This year’s show will star Karl Bowers, Dennis Kinsey, Dean Rutan, Rich Steffl, Roger Warren, and Rob Whinnery as the Endmen.  Featured performers include: JoAnn Connor, Lauren Florence, Jessica Harr, Chris Krahel, Marty Packer, Dan Smallwood, Ken Staley, and Larry Woods. The Buckeye Local Jazz Band will once again take care of pre-show entertainment and will be featured in Act I. After a two-year absence, John Parkinson returns as interlocutor.  John was part of the first 66 Adena Lions Shows dating back to 1951.  Dustin Kinsey continues his role as Director and Keyboardist. Kipp Bowers, Brian Dawes, Ken Staley, Bill Stewart, and Roger Warren complete the house band. Vickie Whinnery is the show’s producer.

Director Kinsey says, “Our planning team has discussed the occupations theme for quite a few years.  Everything came together this year to make ‘Working Lion to 5’ a reality. We are doing so many great and familiar songs.  It will be such a fun and entertaining show, and I encourage people to spend their Friday or Saturday night with us.”

Tickets for the March 29 and 30 show can be purchased at the door for $7 (Adult) and $3 (Student).  Children under 5 are admitted for free. A cash raffle is also held in conjunction with the show with a $500 winner each night.

“In addition to some great music, we have some outstanding comedy,” states Kinsey. “My dad, Dennis, has performed comedy in more than half of the Adena Lions Shows and will no doubt be a riot again this year as he does a Kinsey Construction routine.  Rob Whinnery and Wally Jancura will try to recapture some of the magic from The Carol Burnett Show as they recreate the famous ‘Dentist’ skit.  Kipp Bowers will be dressed in his firefighting gear as he and his wife, Tiffany, demonstrate search and rescue.  Finally, the Endmen will show off some of their dancing skills during a Village People number.”

The show will conclude with a tribute to America’s Armed Forces.

For more information about the show, contact Dustin Kinsey at 740-391-6052 or the Adena Lions Club’s Facebook page.