CADIZ – The old rundown Truck Stop along U.S. 250 with a sign that still reads “Tappan Lake Truck Stop” as if it were freshly opened is in stark contrast to the shambles that the building and property are in.

The Harrison County Commissioners on Wednesday, took command of the old place by approving Resolution 4-18 where they announced the property value in the negative of around $125,000.

The resolution states that the property has been deemed to be a “danger to the health, safety and welfare of the public.”

The resolution also authorizes the Harrison County Community Improvement Corporation (HCCIC) to act as the county’s agent “to commence legal proceedings for the appropriation of the property…”

The address of, 37827 Cadiz-Dennison, Cadiz, listed on the resolution looks like something out of a bad movie with weeds sprouting through the chopped up lot, broken windows, or what’s left of them and a rather humorous note on one section near a missing front door that reads: “Under new management come on in.”

That “management” team hasn’t been found with various rumors as to what became of the owners but the new ones will now begin remediation of the property with no charge to the county taxpayers. All the money to repair the place will come from grants, according to the commissioners.

It was noted that the property had been abandoned for many years and hasn’t been inhabited for approximately of two decades.

Commissioner, Paul Coffland explained the resolution and the intentions of the commissioners and what to expect.

“The owners have basically fled the country, we don’t know but it’s assumed I guess, can we say that?” County Auditor, Patrick Moore chimed in and stated that the owners haven’t been located in “more than a decade.”

Coffland did note that there are storage tanks underground that would have to be dealt with.

“There’s a special fund and some mechanisms put in place for the county to be able to clean that property up and…make it a useable piece of property again,” Coffland explained.

Coffland said that the property would be going to a “third party” to be held until all environmental issues have been taken care of “in which time it will come back to us.”