Left to right: Candidate for Ohio governor Connie Pillich, Cadiz Mayor Ken Zitko, Ohio Valley Winery Owner Chuck Miller, Harrison County Democrat Party president Rich Milleson

CADIZ – Democratic candidate for governor of Ohio, Connie Pillich, stopped in Cadiz at the Ohio Valley Winery Wednesday evening for an informal meet and greet to discuss her run for the position of governor of Ohio.

Pillich, who served three terms in the House of Representatives representing Ohio’s 28th District in the Cincinnati area, and a veteran of the United States Air Force, stressed jobs as being at the top of her agenda. “I grew up in a steel town; that’s where everyone’s dad worked and life was good until I was in high school and the mills started to shut down,” she said. “What people want is they want a job that pays them enough to pay their bills, to take care of their kids, live a healthy lifestyle, and save for their future. As I travel the state I see there are some communities that are growing, and there are opportunities, but there are many places that are struggling.” She went on to say “I’m very happy for Harrison County and the economic boost that came from the oil and gas industry and we will support that, but we also need to try to grow other jobs and we have to understand the economy is changing and will continue to change. We’re going to make things in the Untied States for a long time and we need to be making some of those things in Ohio because we have a manufacturing background and a manufacturing infrastructure and manufacturing capacity that’s waiting to be developed, and we have that incredible midwestern work ethic that is unparalleled, and frankly, we have the nicest people in the country. What I want to be is a relentless advocate for Ohio . . . and the number one issue is jobs.”

Pillich said she believes the democrats have a message, but they haven’t effectively communicated that to voters. “. . . we need to stand for something. I don’t think people have any idea what democrats stand for.” She stressed her message is jobs and she’s developed an 88 county strategy to connect with Ohio voters and get that message out and stated Harrison County was the 85th county she’s visited so far.

After a brief speech Pillich took questions regarding topics ranging from infrastructure to regulations that make it difficult for small businesses to get up and running. She said one of the items that needs to be addressed is the issue of high speed Internet availability in rural areas like Harrison County and it’s something she’s talked about with companies like Microsoft to come up with strategies to solve the problem. She also said there needs to be a one-stop solution for small businesses to go to so they don’t have to deal government departments and agencies who don’t return phone calls and don’t have the information needed for a quick answer to a problem.

Pillich also noted the heavy competition she’s facing in the race for the next governor or Ohio and said “I’m a democrat from Cincinnati so you know I’m a lonely breed, but I won a seat that had been held by Republicans for 38 of the last 40 years and I kept it for three terms.” She went on to say she worked tirelessly for her constituents in Columbus and wants to take that same work ethic and apply it to advocate for the people of Ohio.