Cadiz police officer CJ Byers stands proudly with his K9 officer Ramos. Ramos brought home two gold medals and three silver medals from the Ohio Police and Fire Games competition.

CANTON – Last week a two-day event was held called The Ohio Police and Fire Games competition and this time some local flavor was added to the games. Cadiz Police Officer, C.J. Byers and his K-9 Officer, Ramos attended for the first time and did exceedingly well.

Byers surprised himself when he and Ramos brought home two gold and three silver medals out of six competitions they participated in. Byers said Ramos came close to turning two of those silvers into gold but just missed out while giving credit to the other dogs who participated.

“They were all very good dogs,” he said of the competition. Byers and Ramos took part in the Criminal Apprehension part of the games where they searched buildings, suspects with a man wearing a bite suit as a trained decoy and an open area search as some of the titles involved.

Byers said what determines a winner is through timed events. His first competition was in Tactical Obedience where they took silver then it was onto Urban Tracking for another silver medal. The third event for he and Ramos was Open Area Search, which turned into gold and another gold for Open Buildings Search. The last medal was a silver in a different building type of search.

Byers said he was hoping just to win something not knowing at all what to expect where he experienced a little nervousness. Other than his normal training with Ramos, he said he was entering the competition completely blind.

“We train all the time,” he said of he and Ramos, “we had no clue what we were getting into.” But what he got into was a very good day as he called it.

“I’m very proud of Ramos,” he said.

Information provided on their website ( states that it is an annual event held around the state at various places each year.

“The Games offer more than 35 events to participants, with local first responders coordinating the events,” according to the website. It goes onto say that competitors come not only from across Ohio but from other states, as well.

Byers said he is required to put in 16 hours of training per month but goes beyond that because he loves what he does. He said he trains all the time with Ramos and it finally paid off.

“I love it,” Byers said of working with Cadiz Police Dog, Ramos. “It’s my passion.”