The Harrison County Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) announced that they have been working on behalf of Harrison County citizens, and in cooperation with the Village of Cadiz Administration to bring EmberClear Corporation of Houston, Texas, to Harrison County to construct a 1000 MW natural gas-fired electric power generation facility. The facility will be built on approximately 60 acres in the Harrison County Industrial Park. The CIC and EmberClear say they are committed to working closely together on all matters relating to the obtaining of federal, state and local regulatory permits along with local infrastructure and other matters necessary for the construction and operation of the plant.

According to a press release put out by the CIC, the abundant natural gas production facilities in close proximity to the project site make this facility uniquely positioned to produce low-cost power. There are several natural gas pipelines operated by Dominion East, Spectra, Energy Transfer and Columbia within a few miles of the project site. In addition, several fractionation and gas distillation facilities within Harrison County have plans to expand production. The Harrison project is entertaining multiple proposals to source natural gas from the producers in the area.

Nick Homrighausen, CIC Executive Director of Community & Economic Development said, “We have been working with EmberClear to move this project forward. We were in competition with other counties for this project and through the collaborative efforts of my office and the county commissioners we were able to land this viable project in Harrison County.”

Homrighausen also said that this proves Harrison County’s ability to compete for large investments and win. He went on to stress that there is a long road ahead for the completion of this project and with the teamwork of the commissioner’s office, CIC and the Village of Cadiz, but he believes that this project will be seen through to completion and bring high paying jobs and long term investment to the county.

EmberClear CEO Raj Suri said “The proposed generating facility will provide enough electricity to power 1 million homes and bring capital investment of over $900 million to Harrison County.”

“I think it’ll be good for the area, the school systems, and good for jobs. It’s a huge windfall for the county,” said Cadiz Mayor, Ken Zitko.

CIC President Dale Arbaugh said “The plant will bring 500 construction jobs for three years and about 30 skilled permanent jobs to Harrison County. In addition, the plant will utilize local natural gas and support significant job growth in the region.”

The News-Herald reached out to MarkWest for comment. David Fitch, SVP Northeast Region, MarkWest Energy Partners, said, “MarkWest continues to actively support regional projects that help create in-basin outlets for our producer customers, and we look forward to working with all parties in the coming months to help bring further development to this exciting growth opportunity.”

*Updated to include comments from MarkWest officials.