_MG_5067Kyle West (center) looks on  as co-defendants, Addison Reed (right) and Brianna Snodgrass are arraigned in Cadiz’ County Court Thursday.

HARRISON COUNTY – Jewett Chief of Police, Ron Carter and the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) announced the arrests of three local teenagers, Addison Reed, 19, Kyle West, 18 both of Jewett and Brianna Snodgrass, 19 of Hopedale who were responsible for the rash of vehicle break-ins, which occurred on April 17 and 18.

A press release statement by the HCSO was also released regarding the discovery of 18 marijuana plants in what they called the beginnings of a marijuana “cultivation operation.”

Along with the marijuana discovery the statement also described as “a large amount of stolen property” uncovered, as well. The break-ins took place in and around New Athens, Harrisville, Georgetown, Cadiz and Hopedale, according to the press release.

The arrests took place Tuesday, April 19 and Carter and the HCSO stated that this was a joint investigation between the HCSO, as well as the Jewett and Cadiz Police Departments. Money, GPS units, wallets, purses, credit cards, phones and other devices were retrieved during the arrests at 117 East High Street in Jewett.

“Evidence collected leads law enforcement to believe these three individuals may be responsible for similar crimes in both Belmont and Jefferson Counties,” read the statement. It continued by stating that the cultivation of the marijuana plants was being handled by the Jewett Police Department.

“All three agencies have been working together and it all came out with a positive outcome,” Carter said. “Personally, I’d like to thank the Cadiz Police and the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office for all the help they provide to us and the resources…”

Officer, Todd Walker stated that there were heat lamps set up where the plants were being cultivated in the bedroom section of the house. Carter stated that each plant’s street value has the potential for $2,000 per plant, which he added could up the charges on the suspects.

Carter stated that after entering the home he looked down and discovered evidence in a purse regarding numerous vehicles involved, which sealed that part of the investigation since they were on the lookout involving the break-ins.

Sheriff, Joe Myers included in the statement a reminder for the public “to be proactive in defense of their property by locking their automobiles when they are unattended,” and to “report any suspicious individual or activities to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office.”

The statement said all three are being charged with theft and receiving stolen property and Carter stated that possession of marijuana and paraphernalia would be added, as well.

Thursday afternoon, the three suspects were present in County Court before Judge, Mark Beetham for their initial court appearance. All three, who were polite and addressed Beetham as “sir” are facing the same charges and read by Beetham who stated the manor of their charges as, “…you did recklessly by force, stealth or deception trespass…”

Assistant Prosecutor, Jack Felgenhauer requested that all three be tried simultaneously to avoid repeat testimony of any witnesses and added that there is to be no contact with one another and a curfew be submitted, as well for the three in case they make bond, which was set at $15,000 or 10 percent option.

“Probably, but by the grace of God these kids are in here today…” Felgenhauer said because of what they were doing at night he stated that they were lucky they didn’t run into someone with a weapon defending their property.

West, in answering Felgenhuer’s question if they had jobs, he stated they all worked together at the Steak N Shake in St. Clairsville but Felgenhuer informed him that they would not be able to work in the same shifts.

It is to be determined if there is probable cause to bound the three over to the grand jury in order to be tried in court. A date for their preliminary hearing was yet to be determined at the time of this publishing.