CADIZ – Terry Goble, 44, Hopedale, appeared in Harrison County’s Common Pleas Court in the past week where Judge, T. Shawn Hervey announced a plea agreement. Hervey stated that after a status conference was held in chambers that an agreement by the defendant and the prosecution had been reached.

Goble, represented by Public Defender, C. Adrian Pincola, pleaded guilty to aggravated trafficking in drugs and trafficking in drugs, both felonies. He was arrested back in December with two other co-defendants, Joy Wise and Laurie Rawls, both of Jefferson County.

The possible maximum sentence combined is 48 months. The recommendation is for Goble to serve a nine-month sentence with time served and the prosecution was not opposed to Goble receiving a furlough for medical reasons between now and sentencing, which was held off till March 1, at 2 p.m.

-Michael Hython Jr., 26, of Cadiz asked for representation regarding his appearance for arraignment and bond while facing a drug possession charge. Hython has a bond in place of $50,000 and is due back for a pre-trial hearing on March 15.

-Charles A. Hoobler II was arraigned where bond was set at $50,000 and no counsel at his table. Hoobler faces Weapons While on Disability, a felony of the third degree and a possible 36 months in prison and $10,000 fine; count two was aggravated trafficking in drugs, a felony of the third degree and also a possible 36 months jail and $10,000 fine.

Assistant prosecutor, Jeffrey Bruzzese cited Hoobler’s prior felony convictions and prison terms as reasons for the $50,000 bond request, as well as his prior probation violations .

“This defendant is facing a significant number of years in prison on these new charges…” Bruzzese stated in regards to the fairness of the bond and what he called his “inability to cooperate with the probation department” based on his past history.