IMG_0708ADENA 7:33 p.m. (Tuesday) – Tuesday afternoon, a Wintersville man, Paul Scovronski, 31, was arrested for the fire that destroyed the P&M Restaurant and Bar last Monday, according to Adena Police Chief, Ben Swoyer and confirmed by Jefferson County Sheriff, Fred Abdalla.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department along with Swoyer made the arrest without incident, according to both Abdalla and Swoyer.

Abdalla praised the Adena Police Department for their hard week-long work on the case. Abdalla could not provide details on what led authorities to Scovronski but saying he had no comment on that angle of the investigation.

Abdalla stated that Scovronski could possibly appear in court as soon as Wednesday but was not sure regarding that fact. Both Adballa and Swoyer thanked Adena residents for coming forward and providing what information they could. Adballa added that the investigation was not over but at this time there were no other suspects.

Further details coming in the News-Herald’s Oct. 17 edition.


ADENA 9:45 a.m.(Thursday) – Public Information Officer, Bill Krugh of Ohio’s State Fire Marshal’s office,  stated that late last night the fire at P&M’s Restaurant and Bar in Adena had been upgraded to arson. Signs had already been posted as early as late Monday, according to witnesses and Adena Fire Chief, Jim Horton who said he had seen the signs Tuesday morning.

Krugh also apologized for not being informed that arson signs had been posted and stated twice on Wednesday that state fire marshals had not put those signs up when in fact they had. He added that he wasn’t sure why he was not informed of the sign postings.

Further details to come.