IMG_9932CADIZ – A six-month old baby from Cadiz discovered to be overdosed on an opiate was taken directly to Steubenville’s Trinity Hospital Sunday by the parents, according to authorities.

From there, the baby was then flown to a hospital in Pittsburgh sometime thereafter. Details are sketchy at this time but the opiate was not taken in as a result of breast feeding, according to one authority investigating.

The parents are reportedly to be in their early 20s and are in custody. They are due in Harrison County Court Tuesday afternoon, though no time has been set as of yet.

The Cadiz Police Department are investigating.


Harrison County Prosecutor, Owen Beetham, announced in a press release formal charges have been filed against Brooke Jones and Keonte Phifer. They have been charged with child endangering, corrupting another with drugs, possession of drugs and tampering with evidence. Jones and Phifer are the parents of the six month old victim.

According to the press release, the victim’s grandmother arrived at the residence and observed that the victim was ill and immediately took the child to the hospital. Doctors determined that the victim has an extremely elevated level of opiates in its system and life-flighted the child to Pittsburgh for specialized treatment.

Prosecutor Beetham said, “Our community has been hit hard in the last few months with some terrible cases and this one adds to our collective grief. As a prosecutor and parent, this case both angers and saddens me. The abuse this baby suffered is beyond belief. Jones and Phifer do not deserve the privilege of being parents. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim for a recovery, and that she and her sibling will be taken and placed in the type of loving, caring, and safe environment that every child deserves.”

UPDATE (3:25 p.m.): The six-month old baby girl who was flown to Pittsburgh’s Children’s Hospital is now out and with Child Services, according to Linda Porter of Harrison County’s Child Services Unit in the Job’s & Family Services Department. The infant, along with her two year-old sibling were taken late Sunday night-early Monday morning and are now “safe at this time.”