harrison_hospital  CADIZ – Last week Carol A. Teeter (RN, BSN), diabetes nurse educator held her monthly workshop. The theme was: Myths and Mistakes in Managing Diabetes. Diabetes is growing rapidly and a chronic health issue. Some of the issues stressed were the misunderstandings a myths created by people, which include: Diabetes is only a “touch of sugar” or, “I’m just borderline.”

More myths include, eating too much sugar causes diabetes; giving up favorite foods, including deserts; not having to worry about diet, or don’t need to exercise if taking a diabetes pill and nothing can be done to prevent health problems once contracting diabetes.

Some of the topics stressed are that diabetes is something to be concerned about. Estimates show that up to 79 million people in this country have pre-diabetes which can be a precursor to developing diabetes. Unless lab work is done, pre-diabetes can go undetected for years causing damage throughout the body. Not only is diabetes a serious disease, pre-diabetes is as well.

It is estimated that over 29.1 million people in the U.S. have diabetes, and nearly a third of them are undiagnosed. Over time, this can lead to many complications and decreased quality and length of life.

The Healthy Life Workshops are held the first Thursday of each month at the Harrison Community Hospital cafeteria.