News-Herald Staff Writer

CADIZ – Miller’s Martial Arts, located on East Market Street in Cadiz, presented three Harrison Hills students with their hard-earned black belts Thursday.

Luke Puskarich, Job Positano and Zachary Stubblefield were presented their black belts in front of friends and family, which is located just under Murray’s restaurant.

All three students have been in the martial arts system for around 10 years, Erik Miller said. His brother, Dennie is a sixth degree black belt and was on hand with some kind words for the three proud kids calling them one of the best groups in teaching the younger kids.

Peter Novotny, also a black belt said he has seen these young guys grow from little guys to men and was very proud of them. He spoke of their teachings and how to walk away from a fight but if unavoidable, they are also taught how to end one as well.

Eric became emotional when speaking to the room of people and stated how proud he was and knew the feeling considering he has already been where they are now.

As they received their plaques of commemoration, they were asked why they chose to enter the field of martial arts. All wanted to earn the respect that comes with the honor with Positano speaking of the discipline that comes with martial arts. Stubblefield wanted the same as well as knowing how to protect himself. Puskarich also mentioned respect then added that the mental and physical discipline learned was an attraction.

Novotny then spoke of Dennie, “He treats everyone with respect and kindness.” He also spoke of the honor of working with him as well.

Eric, who is a third degree black belt, was praised for his abilities and the way he conducts the classes.

Puskarich will be in the 10th grade this coming school year, Positano is entering his freshman year and Stubblefield will be a junior. All three will now begin mentoring others in the program as well as continuing on with their own progress.

Below, Luke Puskarich demonstrates his skill with the nunchakus.