HARRISON COUNTY – Tuesday morning at approximately 10 a.m., a one-vehicle accident tied up traffic for several miles on both lanes. An unidentified employee of Dresden Landscaping lost control of his truck, rolled three times, according to witnesses, and landed on the other side of the guardrail and nearly in the lake.

Witnesses stated that the driver, traveling eastbound, veered off to the right shoulder of the road then possibly overcompensated by crossing the westbound lane leaping the guardrail and rolling his vehicle where it came to a stop halfway between the guardrail and the water.

The driver was wearing his seat belt according to Bob Sobleski who along with another witness helped cut the driver’s seat belt and got him out of the truck.

Sobleski said he was surprised the driver wasn’t hurt worse than he was. “I heard him hollering,” he said. “I made him sit down right away.” The driver had blood running down his face from a gash above his eye and said his chest was sore. Sobleski said the driver was obviously shook up.

An emergency response team was on hand but it wasn’t clear if they were needed. The victim was transported to Harrison County Hospital in Cadiz, according to a worker from Dresden.

Bags of landscaping material were strewn along the westbound lane, which aided in tying up traffic and will take some time to clean up. Traffic was finally free to pass through eastbound but as of 11 a.m. westbound traffic was still bottled up for several miles.

Further details coming.