IMG_8958  CADIZ – Sally Buffalo Park hosted a meeting from the Y.E.S. (Youth  Education Success) Committee on May 16. The political action committee, as it’s called, was put together by a group of former students of Harrison Central in order to promote the new school levy this coming fall.

The committee is in the midst of adding members in an attempt to become a more influential force for the near future.

“The intention of the meeting was to continue to build our network of like-minded individuals,” Treasurer, Allison Anderson said in a memo. “We feel it’s important to lay the groundwork for our cause by focusing on our membership first.”

The committee also felt it was better to concentrate on membership now while the school board has time to build some momentum towards winning favor for the levy, which as failed several times in the past.

“We want to be sure that the information we provide to our team and subsequently the public, is accurate and fact-based,” Member, DJ Watson said.

Anyone interested in joining Y.E.S. can contact them at: