News-Herald Staff Writer

CADIZ – Tuesday morning, the Board of Public Affairs (BOPA) council members entertained a concern from Herb Cross, who lives on Country Club Road. Kokosing, who was contracted by the Village of Cadiz to do work on its sewer system in certain areas has not made good on its promise to finish cleaning up the residual effects of the job, according to village council members, as well as BOPA members who acknowledged Cross’s frustrations.

Cross stated his problems with Kokosing began last fall and reminded council that his driveway was torn up when trucks using his driveway crushed the culvert that runs underneath causing it to jam and the overflow ran all over the street. Cross said he would also like his front yard put back the way it was before the work began.

He said he let it go in hopes that Kokosing would come back to clean up, which he and Water and Sewer Superintendant, Tom Carter was told by Kokosing’s people that they would.

“It started last fall,” Cross said. “But I let it go. It put sewer water up to my bathrooms, it’s been a nightmare.”

When Council Member, Rebecca Wilson asked Cross why he let it go since it’s been a problem since last year, Cross stated that when they put liners in the trunk line he thought the problem was fixed but it actually interfered with his tap that runs from his house to the main line. According to Cross, that’s when the problems began.

“They come back and dug up my yard, dug up the front of my house in the yard, the side,,” Cross continued. “The manhole in the back, the manhole across the street [and] left a big hole in the right-of-way filled it back in with dirt and gravel and left.”

Carter acknowledged that Cross has been in contact with his department before but explained that Kokosing stated numerous times that they were to return to fix the remaining problems.

“That’s at least three or four times now,” Carter said. “We had a phone call with the contractor last week [and] there again he’s told us that he’s going to be back in the week of the 26th (of May). We’ve heard this number of times now.”

Carter added that they are working with the engineers to get the problem resolved and admitted that “Mr. Cross’s yard is a mess.”

Council members stated that, though it’s not directly the Village’s problem it is their contractor.

Adam Marynowski of Kokosing admitted that all of the restoration work had not been completed but were planning to come back as they previously told Carter they would and added that Cross’s property was first on their list.

“We’re mobilizing back on site here on Tuesday (the 26th) to finish all of the restoration…” Marynowski said. “I’ve talked to the mayor (Kenneth Zitko) about it and it will be rectified here early next week.”

Cross suggested the village could pay him and he would fix the yard rather than wait on Kokosing to fix the problems but Carter thought it best to wait and see if Kokosing would keep their word for the 26th.

Wilson asked if they should contact Village Solicitor, Costas D. Mastros to contact Kokosing if they were to get no response. Carter stated that it was probably their next step to make.

“How the procedure works is we do have money held back on them,” Carter explained. He added that there was a retainer and what he called, a “punch list” for items to be completed. But Carted noted that that doesn’t help Cross now with the current problem going untreated.

“The longer it sets there the worse it’s going to get,” Cross said. “The more it’s going to take to fix it.”