CADIZ – At approximately 12:15 Wednesday afternoon, the entire Harrison Central High School emptied out and marched up the alley and crossed Main Street past the Courthouse to the Presbyterian Church. Some students said they were told a note was found in a restroom, of a threat to the school.

Some authorities have said it was a bomb threat but Harrison County Sheriff, Joe Myers denied that and said it was a scheduled drill.

Main Street was blocked off for a good 10 to 15 minutes while all the students marched past but nothing official has been announced at this time.

Later, Superintendent for the HHBOE, Dana Snider did confirm that it was a bomb threat. Students were dispersed to several churches in the area as well as the Cadiz EMS building on East Market Street.

“Someone wrote on the bathroom wall, ‘bomb at 1:30,'” Snider said. She added that they were hopeful they will catch whoever wrote the threat, considering there are cameras in the hallways to aid in the investigation.

“You have to be safe…[and] you have to take everything serious,” she said.