IMG_8585IMG_8587By JD LONG

NEW ATHENS – For the past week now residents of New Athens have been picking up their mail at the Cadiz post office because of a sinkhole that developed in front of the New Athens post office building.

The hole, which reportedly has been present for at least one week is about one to two feet in width, but the depth varies from six to possibly as much as 10 feet deep, according to New Athens Police Chief Jason Simmerman, and spokesperson for Ohio’s Postal Service Dave Van Allen.

The hole, which runs underneath the sidewalk to the right leading to the entrance has caused cracks in the pavement, which is only one year old, according to Simmerman.

Van Allen said that the Lusk Group out of Kentucky would begin repairs Monday morning. The guess is it may only take a few days and they hope to open back up by Wednesday, according to Van Allen.

The postal service owns the building, according to Van Allen but does not own the land.

No one knows the cause of the sinkhole as of now and apparently some gravel and a Bobcat will be used to temporarily deal with the problem, according to Van Allen.

Simmerman said he’s heard rumors of an old cistern or even a septic tank once there but it was only speculation. He added that the hole has only shown up recently and there were no signs of anything wrong when the new concrete was laid down last year.