CADIZ – Kara Clark, who was involved in the robbery and beating of 71 year-old Joseph Gale of Jewett, had her case put on hold Thursday pending an assessment to see whether she would qualify for a drug and alcohol program. If Clark would qualify then she would enter what is called, “Intervention in lieu of conviction” drug and alcohol program and sent to an appropriate facility.

A defendant must enter a change of plea then the court must accept that change. In Clark’s case, if she were to qualify for the intervention program, the court would “stay” her case until she completes the program successfully.

Clark’s presumed change of plea to guilty on an obstruction charge could not be officially signed until the assessment has been completed.

Clark’s co-defendants, Autumn Stabile and Bryan Nicosia have already had their cases resolved. Stabile pled guilty to obstruction and was sentenced to six months at the Eastern Ohio Correction Center for women in Lisbon. She was also handed 200 hours of community service.

Nicosia recently plead guilty to aggravated burglary, felonious assault and unlawful restraint and was sentenced to four years in prison.