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Homrighausen-namedCADIZ – Harrison County finally has a new economic development director. President of the Harrison County Community Improvement Corporation (HCCIC), Dale Arbaugh, introduced Nick Homrighausen at Harrison County’s weekly Commissioner’s meeting on Wednesday, as the man to take over.

“It’s with excitement and pleasure after several years of relying on volunteers, commissioners and all of us to do the work,” Arbaugh, said. “We finally put together a plan…” And that plan, which began over a year ago involved hiring Homrighausen, who is from Dover, which he started on the job last Thursday, according to Arbaugh.

Homrighausen thanked the county commissioners “for their vision and foresight” and for their trust in him.

“One of my first goals will be is to work together to learn more about the county in areas that have the most potential growth and work to make them grow to the best of their ability,” Homrighausen said.

County Commissioner, Don Bethel, added that they were excited to move forward with him. “We’re excited to have you. You have a lot of energy and lot of knowledge in the field in terms of connections…”

Homrighausen previously worked for American Municipal Power in economic development, business development as well as marketing. He also worked as a marketing consultant for Dominion Enterprises.

In other news, Commissioner, Dale Norris, announced an agreement between Harrison County and Rover Pipeline. This involves a 100-foot easement to construct a road as well as utilities in the Industrial Park. Norris stated that after the road is completed it would then become a public road. The value for the easement is $66,000 and it would eventually be turned over to the county, according to the commissioners.

“And actually that benefits both parties,” Bethel said. “[It] benefits them obviously for access to that back property that isn’t ours and we needed a road through there to open up both sides of that property…that increases the value of that land actually,” he said referring to property near the fence that separates the county from the Village of Cadiz.

Under Appropriations and Transfers for Title and Bureau of Motor vehicles, the commissioners approved an additional $338 for a new fax-copier-scanner for the license bureau of title office. The new machine was purchased for $1,338 and needed the additional money to cover the purchase.

Under economic development, the commissioners approved a transfer for Harrison County to receive $60,000 per year as well as the Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) for the same amount. The transfer is a result of a county lease agreement with Midwest Terminals that pays $120,000 to the two entities a year for 15 years. Bethel stated that when the lease is retired, the property, which still belongs to Harrison County, would be turned back over to the county.



The commissioners also approved a request by the Harrison County Health Department Administrator, Chuck Fisher, for a projected shortage of $45,000 for 2015. Norris felt the need to review the health department’s standards each quarter in order to keep up on the matter, “to see how they’re progressing and I think it’s good that the public gets to know what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.”

Bethel and Norris discussed that they need to meet with the health board in order to inform the public in what they’re trying to do.

“Not that they don’t do good work,” Bethel said. “It’s just that the people need to understand that we’re spending money on something that benefits them.”