Early Monday afternoon, a bomb threat was answered at the Harrison Career Center (HCC) on Harrison 9. Cadiz police and the Harrison County Sheriff’s office conducted a joint investigation but the threat turned out to be bogus.

According to Police Chief Ryan McCann, the suspect, a juvenile who was also a student, was caught on surveillance camera and apprehended within two hours of the threat. The 16 year-old juvenile was charged at Tuesday’s initial hearing with six felony counts, four for inducing panic.

Count one for inducing panic at the preschool, a felony in the second degree; count two for inducing panic at the Harrison County Board of Developmental Disabilities (HCBDD) preschool, a felony of the second degree; count three for inducing panic at Harrison Industries, also a felony of the second degree; count four, inducing panic at the Harrison Career Center; count five, making terroristic threats, a felony of the third degree and count six, disrupting public services, a felony of the fourth degree.

The juvenile requested to be released but the court found it appropriate for incarceration at the Sargus Juvenile Detention facility in St Clairsville. The court imposed a not guilty, or denial on the juvenile’s behalf and C. Adrian Pincola was assigned to his defense upon request of counsel.

The unnamed juvenile is scheduled to appear Feb. 19 at 11 a.m. for a hearing.

Cadiz Police Chief Ryan McCann, ordered the entire complex evacuated where the schools are located, which included the HCBDD  building, which houses the two preschools along with the HCC. The preschoolers were sent home  for the day while the HCBDD students were sent to Harrison Central while the building was being investigated.

As authorities were inspecting the building a fire alarm was set off resulting in the Cadiz Volunteer Fire Department answering but that also turned out to be a false alarm.

The bomb threat came in the form of a letter, according to McCann, which was placed anonymously inside the building. McCann said there were specifics to the letter but at this time, details could not be released.