News-Herald Staff Writer

NEW ATHENS – Police Chief Jason Simmerman proposed a new levy at Tuesday’s council meeting. Simmerman stated out of frustration that he’s operating on “1984” money and that what the department takes in, doesn’t even pay for his gas.

Simmerman stated that the village police have been operating on the same 1-mill levy that was passed back in 1984.

“We have a levy now but it’s from 1984,” Simmerman said, “and it’s a continuance which should say 2-mill levy right now but we’re bringing 1984 money, which doesn’t even pay for our gas.”

When asked how many mills Simmerman would like to put on, he stated that the current levy is based on 1984 property values.

“A new 2-mill, on 2014 numbers might be enough,” Simmerman said.

Nancy Martin was one councilperson who had no problems passing the motion, considering the numbers Simmerman has been operating on.

“He’s been good for us,” Martin said, “he’s a good kid, I call him a kid,” she said laughing.

The filing deadline is for August 6. A motion made by Councilperson Carol Huffman, was passed and a special meeting will take place on Tuesday, July 15, at 7 p.m.

In other police business, Simmerman requested a portable Breathalyzer, or PBT, as well as two new LED lights for his squad car. The PBT, as Simmerman explained, is for situations when the police are unsure if someone is driving under the influence. He said that this would take the guessing out of the equation and to better determine whether to make an arrest or let the driver go.

Simmerman said there are only two plastic tubes that are throw-aways and 25 come in a package and could last for up to two years.

“It’s a convenience,” Simmerman said. The motion passed.

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