New-Herald Staff Writer

danceCADIZ – If you missed the calling of the drums at the Boss Bison Ranch, then you missed a lot.

The ranch just off of Unionvale Road, held a non-profit festival for the Tri-county community action organization, Harcatus, to aid and benefit the organization’s efforts in helping the communities of Harrison, Tuscarawas and Carroll counties.

The farm, owned and run by John and Karen Sticht, were thrilled with the results for the two-day event. Karen estimated the crowd to be around 500 for the weekend where they accumulated eight large boxes of canned goods from donations and raised approximately $300 to help Harcatus buy meat.

“Basically, it was a good weekend,” Karen said. “It was different, people just enjoyed it.”

When they woke Saturday, John noticed that a new calf was born bringing their total to 19. “Nature blessed us with another calf,” Karen said.

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