Operation Warm pic 1-4

Kristen Dingess, at right, and animal rescue organization member Laura Eritano-Partlow recently helped abandoned dog Tinkerbell find a new home. Dingess and friend Tina Webb head Operation Warm—Harrison County,  a grassroots effort to keep pets—primarily dogs—warm and fed, founded by Dingess this past fall.

“Ever since I was little, I tried to bring home every animal imaginable, especially dogs. I founded Operation Warm in October after seeing dogs that had nothing all over Harrison County. Our plan was to go out and supply dogs with straw and bedding, but I found people calling mostly about dog food,” she said. “We took care of more than 20 dogs that were outside. We get all of the supplies–straw, dog food, toys and doghouses– donated.”

For more information, contact Dingess at 740-942-2819 or check out the Operation Warm—Harrison County Facebook page.

See the full story in this weeks print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.

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