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Harrison News-Herald Writer

A quick glance through our county reveals rolling hills, beautiful farms, glistening lakes, and basically a pretty peaceful Appalachian community full of generational hard working farmers, coal miners, and small business owners. In honor of this 200-year milestone, in this weeks (Nov. 2, 2013) print edition of the Harrison News-Herald we have taken a look back at the history of our villages, our industries, agriculture, and more importantly our amazing population, and what has been accomplished in this interesting area of Ohio in the last two centuries.

old court houseIncluded in this special section you will find some background information on all of the villages in our beautiful county from the county seat, to a few that are no longer there, to villages whose names have changed through the years. Included are their origins, founders, and interesting characters that make Harrison County what it is today.

Included also are pictures and articles on the Civil War era, Harrison County notables, education, Harrison County’s rich farming community, the history of coal and oil, and the current boom affecting our region today, and the bountiful lakes and trails that make up our beautiful county.

For the past three months, I have been exploring our beautiful county by talking to residents and local historians, visiting museums, hiking, and taking note of some remarkable things that I think all of us who are blessed to live here tend to overlook. Yes, we come from a small rural community that may not be as prosperous as others, but wow, we have so much rich heritage, so many beautiful sights, and more importantly caring people that we are lucky to call our friends, neighbors, and family.

I’ve done my best to collect a brief (trust me here) history of all things Harrison County. To delve into each and every community and profession would take years, so I’ve tried to get a good mash-up of our area’s personality and have enjoyed every minute of it. I would like to thank each and every person who has shared information, stories, books, and more on this discovery. Thank you also to all of the museums and organizations that I mentioned in the “History is Alive” article. I enjoy all history, but finding out about our local history just excites me even more. I hope through these pages I have awakened the history buff in all of you, enjoy!

Katina Watt

Extra copies of this special section are available at the News-Herald office located at 144 S. Main St., Cadiz.

Pictured left is the old Court House located in Cadiz.