Hike with Mike 005

The Harrison County Outdoors Club escorted experienced hiker Mike “Scallion” Fanelli as he hiked the Bowerston section of the Buckeye Trail. Fanelli began his hike at the Buckeye Trail barn near Deersville and  hiked 175 miles to Kirtland, Ohio to attend the 2nd annual Buckeye Trail Fest on April 25.

The purpose of Fanelli’s trek is to raise awareness of the Buckeye Trail. Because the Outdoors Club utilizes the Buckeye Trail, Ray Ferrell (Piedmont trail maintainer) thought it would be a nice idea for Outdoors Club members to help Fanelli get started. Ferrell arranged for members to meet Fanelli at different points along the trail and see that he made it to Leesville Lake, where he spent the night before continuing on to hike the Massillon section.

Fanelli commented on the support he received while in Harrison County and admired the area for its active Outdoors Club.

To learn more about the Buckeye Trail, visit www.buckeyetrail.org. If you would like to receive e-mail notices for upcoming Outdoors Club events, send a request to ebrooks@oplin.org.

Pictured above are some of the participants in the Hike with Mike initiative. Left to right,  Jeff Ferrell, Dori Snodgrass, Kim Coleman, Maria Dimengo (Cleveland area), Mike Fanelli (Dayton area), Deb Trotter, and Ray Ferrell.

Photo provided