Omun pic 6 Sao Tome and Principe
Sao Tome and Principe – Caden Arbaugh, Logan Elliott, Dillon Dodds, J.R. Heavilin, and Ronnie Bowers. (More delegate pictures featured below)

COLUMBUS – Seventh and eighth graders from Harrison Central Jr/Sr High School of the Harrison Hills City School District attended the Jr. Ohio Model United Nations (OMUN) Simulation at the Hyatt Regency in Columbus March 2013. Fifty-three students joined close to 1,000 students as delegates at the simulation. This year’s nations represented by Harrison Hills included Canada, Central African Republic, Gambia, Mauritius, Moldova, Nauru, Sao Tome Principe, Swaziland, Syria, and Tanzania.
While attending, the delegates faced global issues in the world including drug abuse, human trafficking, the war in Syria, and the repressive government of Swaziland to name a few. The nation of Tanzania wrote their resolution about Poverty and Education. The nation’s plan to have the UN Implement School Academies won an outstanding resolution award and was debated in the Human Rights Council on Monday. Only approximately 40 of the over 150 resolutions written achieve such an honor
In addition to the resolutions, delegates from each country participated in various contests. The contests included Peace Essay, World Problem Solving, Current Events, Citizenship, and Agenda Issues. The later addressed four of the top problems facing the UN today: World Poverty and Hunger, Climate Change and Global Warming, Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Assistance, and Terrorism. Only three awards are presented for each contest. At this year’s simulation, 8th grader Alexis Watkins won the Runner-Up Trophy for her entry in the Agenda Issue Contest. Alexis’ idea was to have small farms placed all over poverty-stricken countries. The crops would be hearty cash crops that could be eaten by the natives of those countries. Any extra food would be sold to bring money that could be used for other purposes.
Additional awards included a Leadership Award presented to Malania Birney and 2013 Officers awards. Officers for 2013 included Council Presidents Megan Barcroft and Drew Mizer; Vice Presidents included Max Hall, Samantha Raber, and Karli Ray. All officers were ninth graders at Harrison Central and did a wonderful job of representing their school. Finally, officers were installed for the 2014 Jr OMUN Simulation. Chosen to preside during the 2014 Jr. OMUN from Harrison Central were eighth graders Zack Henry, Council President; Vice Presidents Malania Birney, Bailie Ray, and Gabrielle Stringer. All officers will attend Leadership Camp in the summer to work on the skills necessary to ensure a successful Jr OMUN.

Omun pic 1 Nauru

Nauru – Taryn Graham, Bethany Ripley, Molly Arbogast, and Racquel Ritchie.

Omun pic 2 Moldova

Moldova – Jalyn Jones, Kealy Ghezzi, Bailie Ray, Gabrielle Stringer, and Abby Keller.

Gambia – Taylor Easlick, Mazzie Tipton, Laken Ward, Stephanie Birney, Joyce Barr, and Alexis Erickson.
Omun pic 4 Mauritius

Mauritius – Destiny Ortiz, Nathan Clemons, Caitie Young, and Matthew Mizer.
omun pic 5 Canada

Canada – Ty Gilmore, Sabrina Mitchell, Danielle Pittman, Kylee Rose, and Alexis Watkins.
Omun pic 7 Swaziland

Swaziland – Front Row: Cierra Frye, Taylor Kinsey. Malania Birney, Micheline Rexroad
Back Row- Grant Sproull, Nevada Kuryn, and Hunter Sloan.
Omun pic 8 Tanzania

Tanzania – Emmily Shafer, Alex Williamson, Caitlin Emhoff, and Lexi Cunningham.

Omun pic 9 Syria

Syria – Matthew Parrish, Mackenzie Evans, Lucas Puskarich, Katie Heavilin, and Bailey Eberhart.

Omun pic 10 Central African Republic 3-23-13

Central African Republic – front row-Zack Henry, Skyler Allen, and Breanna Johnson; back row-Jacob Barr and Corey Van Camp.
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