News-Herald Staff Writer

CADIZ- Another offshoot of the oil and gas industry has set up shop with Bowman Consulting doing business in Cadiz.
The company recently opened its doors along 144 S. Main St. in the News-Herald building and assists energy firms with various facets of work, such as surveying and civil engineering. Bowman Consulting first established its headquarters in Chantilly, Va., located on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., in 1995. Vice President James Hall said it since has expanded to include 25 offices nationwide, while interest in the Utica Shale drew representatives to this area.
“It stemmed from growth out of the Pittsburgh office in 2010 and is based on an invitation from natural gas clients involved in the gas and shale,” Hall said, adding that the company works with several top Marcellus Shale players but extended its reach into the Utica niche.
“[We] serve clients in the local area in the Cadiz office with civil engineering, surveying, pipelines…and natural resources. It’s basically cradle to grave throughout the process,” he continued.
Nearly 15 employees work at the Cadiz office with about 500 workers across the country. Hall said numbers may fluctuate but Bowman Consulting is always looking for more help.
“The Pittsburgh office has had over 60 people since August of 2011 and a lot are local people.”
He attributes that to the success of the Shale Play and said there are long-term plans to stay in the area.
“It is definitely one of the leading market sectors in the firm,” he noted. “We are serving clients in land development, retail and residential [projects]. Our focus is on power and energy, commercial retail and transportation. Bowman is looking for great people and top talent… and we plan to add as many resources and people as our client needs. Our growth parallels with the client’s growth plans.”
Office hours are essentially around the clock but the goal is to meet the client’s needs.
“We’re blessed to be in Southeastern Ohio and bring our specialization to Cadiz, plus bringing in local jobs. It feels good overall with the opportunities it is giving us. We will do everything we can to exceed our clients’ expectations.”