Maple syrup 3 3-9

News-Herald Staff Writer

CADIZ – When it snows, it pours.
Nestled in the woods of Archer Township is a small hand-built wooden structure with smoke billowing from a small chimney, but it could be considered a real “sweet” spot because of what is inside.

John and Fannie Gingerich, an Amish couple from Geauga County, have busily produced maple syrup from among the hundreds of trees on their Archer Township property for the past six years.

The sap is boiled down at roughly 220 degrees in a fire-heated machine to evaporate water and raise the sugar content, and then filtered before finally being poured into jugs for sale. The syrup comes in a delicately flavored light color, a medium hue and a rich maple-flavored dark.

The couple often hock their fresh-made product onsite for $8 per pint, $13 per quart, $21 for a half-gallon and $38 for a gallon. A sign posted on their property welcomes visitors to view the system, taste free samples and make a purchase.

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