Red Hat Mamas pic 1-26-13

News-Herald Staff Writer

DEERSVILLE – For more than a decade, the Deersville Red Hat Mommas have shown they are tops when it comes to enjoying life.

As one of many Red Hat Society chapters across the world, the Deersville group meets from April through November donning the signature purple garb and red caps and embracing their age with humor. The national organization was formed as a way for women who are seasoned in life to enjoy it, and enjoy it they do.

The late Helen Heavilin started the local chapter and it currently has 15-20 members spanning from Deersville to Dennison. Now led by Queen Mom Joyce Lannum, they are looking forward to more gatherings come the spring.

“We meet on the third Friday of every month,” said Lannum. “We eat and have fun. We wear our red hats and purple clothes. We have no projects, but if we decide to donate money, we do.”

The group has helped individuals and families in need in the past, but the main purpose is fellowship. Members hold no formal business sessions and simply enjoy a day out together.

“It’s the Deersville Red Hat Mommas, but we’re from everywhere: Deersville, Martins Ferry, Freeport, Uhrichsville, Dennison, Tippecanoe and Cadiz. It’s a great bunch of ladies and we enjoy each other.”

The Deersville Red Hat Mamas pictured are gathered together during a past outing at the Union Hotel in Deersville. Front row: Marie Karl, Charlotte Bell, Joan Atkins; second row; Geri Page, Eleanor Hubble, Joyce Lannum, Kate Zonker, Joanne McMillen; third row: Lois Link, Pat Schmidt, Shirley Mattern, Dolly Ferraro, Kathy Mallarnee, Donna White, Edith Taylor, Audrey Davenport and Gloria Nodzan; back row: Susan Adams, and Marlys Stevens.

The group will kick off their informal springtime get-togethers on April 19.

For more information on the Deersville Red Hat Mammas check out the Deersville area community page in this weeks print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.
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