Albright 1-19

SCIO – Scio resident Carol Albright has been altering dolls for the past year by removing their luxurious locks, and her projects have brought tremendous comfort to young cancer patients at the Cleveland Clinic. Albright has donated roughly 500 dolls and also provides some homemade hats and accessories. She said the community has donated many of her dolls and clothes.

Albright took on the project last January following discussions with people she met on Facebook.

“We had formed a group. We were down in the dumps that Mattel won’t make bald Barbies,” she said, adding the group decided to make the dolls themselves.
Albright ended up proceeding on her own and to date has transformed nearly 730 dolls.

Anyone interested in donating dolls, clothing or other items may send them in care of Carol Albright, 38005 Lightner Ridge Road, Scio, Ohio, 43988.

The full story about Carol Albright and her dolls for cancer patients is featured in this weeks print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.

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