Cadiz FU 1-12

CADIZ – Cadiz officials have begun the process to rezone another section of town as a longtime business plans to expand.
Nip Mattern, owner of Mattern Tire, attended the Jan. 3 session and requested approval to rezone 412 Lincoln Ave. from residential to commercial. The site, which adjoins his current operation, will house a larger facility for the garage and could be up and running next year.
Council President Curt Crawshaw motioned for Village Solicitor Costa Mastros to draft an ordinance for the change and also to notify neighbors about the request, adding that Mattern also owned some of the property surrounding his current.
“Mr. Mattern has been an upstanding citizen and has invested heavily in our community, and I don’t see how this would affect [anything]. This is just my opinion that this would be a great thing for the village to let him expand his business. He’s got a heck of a business going and needs more room.”
Council agreed to have the ordinance drafted as the first step of the rezoning process.
Mattern later told the News-Herald that the current building, which was constructed in 1955, was simply too small to service the increased customer base. That site, which measures 25 feet by 40 feet, would be replaced by a 70-foot-by-150-foot structure.
“We’re going to remove the house behind the garage and build [a new building]. We think it will be an asset to the community,” he commented. “We’d like to be in it this time next year.”

More details of the expansion and other Cadiz council matters can be found in this weeks print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.