By AMY GAREIS    News-Herald Staff Writer

DEERSVILLE – A springtime storm led to the discovery of an unusual stone bust and landowners are hoping someone holds clues to unlocking the mystery behind it.

Susan Adams, of Cadiz, said her late husband John’s family has held property outside Deersville for 70 years but no one was aware of the strange relic that lay in its barn.

The carving depicts a man with a moustache and beard or goatee and could have been on-site since the 1800s.

“I’d like to know if anybody knew of a family named East or of the stone crafter. I want to know if they found something similar, or are possible descendants, or if another stone exists. I’ve looked through cemetery books and couldn’t find anyone named East. It’s a mystery,” said Adams.

Anyone with information can contact Susan Adams at 740-942-3137.

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