By AMY GAREIS    News-Herald Staff Writer

CADIZ – Students at Harrison Central Jr./Sr. High School got motivated during a special assembly on May 8.

Speaker Sam Glenn pictured above, entertained the crowd with a mixture of anecdotes and life lessons to take with them into the future. Glenn, of Celina, has authored 18 books, including “A Kick in the Attitude,” and worked with hundreds of organizations over the past 15 years on leadership training, employee motivation and staff development, among others.

He began Tuesday’s talk by creating chalk artwork of what appears to be a multi-colored scene from outer space and transforms it into a tranquil seascape complete with a lighthouse. He said the lighthouse was a significant part of everyone’s lives.

“I believe we all have a light within us, and you need to keep it strong.”

He mentioned speaking with a girl who wanted to be a writer, saying that although Glenn himself had Attention Deficit Disorder and learning disabilities, it did not impede him from writing 18 books. He noted that criticism and even failure could happen, but it should not slow anyone down.

“You gotta have a dream; that’s the masterpiece. You’ve got to have the attitude to chase your dreams. The most important thing is to remember the word ‘courage.’”

The assembly was part of the Speaker’s Corner Program sponsored by the Harrison County Juvenile Court.

More details of the special assembly are featured in this weeks print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.