Vying for Queen and King of the 2012 Prom are Seniors pictured above, front row from left: Laura Fink, Summer Gladman, Shelby Rutter, Brooke Shultz, and Lauren Yoho. Back row from left are King candidates: Clayton Coffman, JP Colnaghi, Yuri gerheim, Matt Shurina, and Guy Staley. Members of the Junior Prom Court are featured left. Front row from left include princess candidates: Jessica Custer, Brittany Garner, Mindy Snyder, Ally Kuhn, and Katie Parkinson. Back row from left include prince candidates: Kyle Smith, Colton Houston, Rashaen Mitchell, Nick Pelegreen, and Rhett Kuryn. The King, Queen, Prince, and Princess will be chosen during prom festivities at St. Florian Hall on May 11. Promenade will begin at 5 p.m. at the high school gymnasium.