By AMY GAREIS   News-Herald Staff Writer

DEERSVILLE – The trickle-down effect of the U.S. Postal Service’s growing debt led to Deersville on Dec. 5, where about 50 residents gathered with postal representatives to learn the fate of their post office.

Harry Myers,  manager of marketing, pictured above, and Cheryl Duchnak, manager of post office operations in Cleveland, attended a meeting at the village fire station to field questions and concerns. Myers discussed the history of the burgeoning deficit that caused officials to review more than 3,600 post offices nationwide for potential closure. Of those, 66 are located in northern Ohio.

The gathering was mostly conducted in a question-and-answer format and many concerns centered on how and from where they would receive their services, as well as the loss of something that has been important to their town. Should leaders decide to close the site, it would be posted for 60 days before the shutdown occurred.

Highlights of this meeting can be found in this weeks print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.