By AMY GAREIS   News-Herald Staff Writer

CADIZ – Ongoing discussions between the village and Ohio EPA regarding Cadiz’s antiquated sewer system could be reaching an end, and officials plan to take action soon.

Village Solicitor Costa Mastros told council at the Oct. 20 session that information was received from the Ohio EPA and something must be done. Leaders appropriated $42,000 in June to cover an anticipated fine as part of an administrative suit for non-compliance. The village has been taking steps to resolve the OEPA’s concerns over the outdated system and 72-year-old treatment plant and both sides have been negotiating to stave off a civil penalty.

“Everyone received in their packet a letter and proposed findings and orders,” he said. “We’re not going to discuss it tonight but at the next meeting we’ll have to take action. [Village Water/Sewer Superintendent Tom Carter] and I and a lot of other people here have been working hard to try to resolve this matter as best we can in our favor, but the fact is going to remain that we’re going to get findings and orders for our sewer system.”

“We will look at the phase-in issues and civil penalties. It’s going to happen,” Mastros added. “We’re going to have to vote on it and it’s going to be at the next meeting. This has been going on since December of 2008. We’ve been able to keep negotiating and keep talking, and it’s coming to an end.”

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