As one of the oldest communities in Harrison County, Moorefield once thrived with inhabitants and economics. The unincorporated village also shares the same name as the township in which it is located and celebrates its bicentennial in roughly four years.

Located a stone’s throw from Piedmont Lake, Piedmont  is considered one of the youngest communities in Harrison County after being created on April 29, 1880.

These communities are featured in this weeks print edition of the Harrison News-Herald. They are rich in history and tradition. Currently plans are underway for another fun-filled time at the 65th Annual Moorefield Township Volunteer Fire Department Fireman’s Fair. The two-day celebration is set for June 24-25 at the firehouse on West Main Street in Piedmont. Organizers said the fair is not only an enjoyable time for attendants, but also a fundraiser for the department. Highlights include food, games, inflatable rides, music, dancing, fair court contests and even a parade. Proceeds from the event will help make improvements at the firehouse. Pictured above Moorefield Township Fire Chief Rick Bear and wife, Cindy, an E-squad captain, post signs in preparation for the annual event.

Read more about the history and current events of these two Harrison County Communities in the June 18 print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.  Photos below were taken throughout the communities.                                  NH Photos/AMY GAREIS